Megan Moura
Megan Moura
Hawai'i Wedding + Family Photographer

July 2017

Risa + Kainoa

Maui Engagement Photographer

Risa and Kainoa chose to have their engagement session at 2 spots that held special meaning for them.  Kahoma Ranch and Mala Beach.

We ducked through an old chain link fence to spend a few moments at this old pier, where Kainoa grew up playing.  The tracks of where they used to transfer sugar are still visible.  This place was the perfect spot for Kainoa to share with Risa and reminisce about his childhood.

Next, we drove through numerous gates, up the mountain to Kahoma Ranch.  The lookout was our first stop and it was breathtaking.  For me, there is nothing else like the mountains of Hawai'i.

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This day was epic and real and held true meaning for Risa and Kainoa, which is more than I could have ever asked for.  I can't wait for their wedding at Olowalu's gonna be amazing!

Maui Wedding Photographer