Megan Moura
Megan Moura
Hawai'i Wedding + Portrait Photographer


We love your style, how do we book you?

YAAAAAy!  To inquire about my availability on your date just fill out my contact form and I'll respond within 24 hours.  If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours send me message to my direct email at  The first thing we will do is chat either over the phone or in person in San Francisco about your day and all the details that will make your day unique...from there I'll send you an online contract.  From there, your 50% downpayment will secure your date and your signature will make it official! 

What is your photographic style/how do you work?

I am most creative when I am  free to capture  moments as they unfold.   I will experience the day with you, and I'll be there right beside you.  I  Of course for your portraits I will lightly direct you in a casual way that allows you to be you, naturally.  You'll often hear me say, "just be you"  because I could never ask for more. 

We've chosen a popular date, what happens if there's another couple who wants you for our date?

It's common for a photographer to have multiple inquires for the same date, my policy is the first couple to sign the contract is the first served.  :)  

How are your images delivered? 

All photos for my weddings, engagements and portraits are delivered in digital file format (high res jpeg) saved onto a USB drive and/or your online gallery.

We also love physical prints, can we order prints through you?

YES, you will have the print rights to print on your own but I highly recommend ordering prints and products through me.  I have a wonderful print lab with high quality printers.

HOw many images will we receive on our USB drive?

My weddings average anywhere from 500-1000 images on your USB.  Portrait session average 50-150 images.  SF City Hall ceremonies average 150-300...Amounts depend on how many hours you book me for.  More hours = more moments = more images

The digital files we receive will be edited? or unedited?

I never ever ever send out unedited images, never.  All images you receive will be edited for color, contrast, exposure and sharpening.  this is called my basic edits.  For some of my wedding packages I will offer to "retouch"  a select number of your favorite images.  Retouching is the highest level of editing.  This is where I remove weird objects in the backgrounds, smooth your skin and take out any blemishes.  If you want more images retouched, just let me know, they're only $30 per photo to fully retouch.

Can we use filters on the images we receive?

This is such an important topic that I've made the answer bold as well! ;)  NO, please do not use filters or alter the images I deliver to you.  Remember, you've chosen to hire me because you love my photography style, eye and overall feel.  Would you purchase a Picasso or Dali only to paint over it?  No, you wouldn't because it is very disrespectful to alter someone's art.  

Will you need a shot list for our wedding?

Yes, the only shot list I will need is a list of your family members and the combinations that you'd like.  This is actually a very important list to provide me with, the family portrait portion has to be organized otherwise, it'll get crazy....and take a long time.

Do you charge travel fees?

If your wedding or portrait session is within the city of San Francisco, I will not charge a travel fee.  If your wedding is beyond a 2 hour driving distance from my home in San Francisco, I will charge a travel and lodging fee for 1 nights stay at a hotel. motel or bed and breakfast in the town where you will be getting married.

If your engagement session / portrait session is outside of San Francisco, I will charge a small travel fee that covers a rental car.  

When will we receive our photos?

My turn around time for weddings and portraits are 4-8 weeks.  You will receive your online gallery within this time frame. 

We've ordered your handmade signature album, when will we receive the album?

After we have worked together to curate your customized album, it will take about 1-2 months to receive in the mail.  My signature album is gorgeous and it is actually handmade by very talented artisans.  I don't like to rush their process and I wait patiently for their product because in the end, it's amazing. 

Do you do destination weddings?

well, as a matter of fact, yes.  But Only to Hawai'i! lol.  I am from Kauai, HI aka the Garden Isle.  ;)  Please fill out my contact form for my Hawai'i Pricing.  

do you allow us to share the photos on social media?  Yes, i'd love for you to share your photos on social media with a line of credit with my name or website or tag.